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As a general rule, professional cleaning by a certified carpet cleaning firm and certified employees such as Advanced Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning should take place about once a year.

Many stain resistant warranties require that you only use a certified firm for your professional cleaning every 18 months to keep warrantees in effect. Professional cleaning removes the damaging soil from the traffic areas that vacuuming has not been able to remove.

Immediate spot removal is key to a clean carpet. Great care also must be taken in how spot cleaning is performed. For spots that will not remove easily with water, you must use a spot cleaner. We offer a free spotter that is safe for stain resistant carpets.

You may use our spotter with a clean white cotton terry towel for most small spots.

Please call us for any major spots or any questions you may have.

1. We highly recommend professional cleaning about once a year.

2. Use our spotter and a white towel for small spots and spills.

3. Please feel free to call us anytime if you have any questions.
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5 Reasons to choose Advanced Carpet & UPholstery Cleaning